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history and uses of cannabis sativa

Hempology 101   

Hemp In The Field: Native American Hempsters

How Cannabis Was Used By Native Americans

Native Americans have a long history with natural medicines and remedies and one of those natural remedies includes Cannabis...

the 'magic weed' cannabis sativa

The Cannabis Sativa plant has been an integral part of mankind's history for countless years.

This is the story of Cannabis Sativa, the plant with many, many uses...

Cannabis and cancer

Scientists at the California Pacific Medical Centre found that a non-psychoactive compound in Marijuana called CBD can actually stop Cancer from metastasizing (spreading), and more...

treating cancer with cannabis

Cannabis vs Cancer 

Dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN - The CBD Discovery

Cannabis could become a real tool to fight all sorts of things, including Cancer...

Tommy Chong "I have cancer'

Tommy Chong (of Cheech and Chong fame) announces he has Cancer.

Don Lemon CNN - interview with Tommy Chong, who makes an unexpected announcement....

cannabis and opioid addiction

First of its kind study shows undeniable evidence Cannabis can cure Opioid Addiction...

pot and pets

Medical Marijuana for Pets? What's true, what's false, what you need to know...