Legacy 420

Located at 346 York Road Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Ontario, Legacy 420 is a state-of-the-art Medical Cannabis Retail Outlet. Featuring a complete seed-to-sale system, our objective is to provide you with the best medical cannabis solution to meet your needs and the needs of other First Nations communities.


Purpose built, state of the art facility


Legacy 420's State of the Art Facility Features:

  • Chief Scientific Adviser Dr. Paul Hornby
  • Medical Cannabis Testing 
  • Batch Tested Products
  • In-Store Bakery
  • State of the Art Equipment & Technology



Wheelchair Accessible Entrance

Our facility is 100% accessible to persons with disabilities. We also have an onsite wheelchair for customer use/ convenience.


Customer Restrooms Available

For your convenience, Legacy 420 has a customer restroom available to the public. Our restroom is also 100% accessible to persons with disabilities. 


ATM Available

For your convenience, there is a customer ATM onsite.


Pets Are Welcome!

 All pets are welcome to visit Legacy 420. Please have them on a leash, owners are responsible for damaged property. 

Safety and Security

A.E.D. and First Aid Trained Staff

A.E.D. and First Aid Trained Staff

A.E.D. and First Aid Trained Staff



At Legacy 420 we take our clients' safety and well-being seriously.  Our staff is trained in First-Aid and C.P.R. by certified trainers from First-Aid 4 U  an A.E.D. ( automated external defibrillator) is on-site.

Heavy-Duty, Automatic Gates

A.E.D. and First Aid Trained Staff

A.E.D. and First Aid Trained Staff


 Heavy-duty, automatic gates ensure our facility is secure after-hours. 

24/7, 360° Video Monitoring

A.E.D. and First Aid Trained Staff

24/7, 360° Video Monitoring


Our site is equipped with over 50 security cameras which record 24/7.

Silent Alarm Active

Deterrent Fencing Installed

24/7, 360° Video Monitoring


A silent alarm is installed on-site to provide a safe, comfortable environment for our customers and employees. 

Deterrent Fencing Installed

Deterrent Fencing Installed

Deterrent Fencing Installed


Our perimeter fencing is equipped with an active deterrent and is enabled nightly alongside our other, in-house security measures.

Electronic Locks

Deterrent Fencing Installed

Deterrent Fencing Installed


Electronic locks are installed on all doors, throughout the building, to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

Legacy 420 Farms


A key component of our seed to sale program

Legacy 420 farms is separate from our retail location


A flyover tour of Legacy Farms

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Legacy 420

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